Horse Magazines

A good source of information is magazines, and there are a lot of them directed to horse owners:

Equus Magazine: An excellent reference guide to horse health care, behavior, training & riding. Published monthly.
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Horse Illustrated Magazine: A complete source to help you better care for and enjoy your horse. Also, each month includes a gallery of full-page photos of beautiful horses. Published monthly.

Horse & Rider Magazine: All about western riding, training and horse care. Published monthly.

Practical Horseman Magazine: How-to and training for English riders of all disciplines. Published monthly.

Young Rider Magazine: Packed with features, facts, photos and fun stuff about horses and ponies. Published bi-monthly.

Dressage Today Magazine: That’s, right, all about dressage. Learn this Olympic equestrian discipline from the world’s top trainers and riders.  Published monthly.

Hobby Farms Magazine: Hobby Farms is edited for all rural enthusiasts. It speaks to small farmers working for their livelihood, part-time pocket farmers trying to make a profit and hobby farmers who just enjoy the lifestyle outside of their day jobs. Each issue features new products, tips, tools of the trade, and more! Published bi-monthly.

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