The Dreaded Thrush

The farrier came out this morning, and it’s official: Valentine has thrush. I’m actually relieved, partly because I know for sure now, and partly because the farrier didn’t seem all that concerned. Whew! If you remember from my earlier post, Valentine had foot issues. He’d been sort of limping, he had stinky feet, and over […]

Glossary of Horse Terms

Here are some common horse terms or words we’ve come across that we weren’t familiar with when we started. I hope these definitions and pictures help: (NOTE: STILL WORKING ON THIS PAGE! In the meantime, there are some great dictionaries at The Ultimate Horse Site, Horses_and_Horse_Information, Horse_and_Carriage, Equisearch and others. Chestnut: Horny growth on the […]

Horse Maintenance Schedule

There are periodic tasks horse owners need to do that can’t be missed. Since we haven’t yet found a comprehensive list of these tasks, we’re making our own. Keep in mind a few things when viewing this page. This page is an ongoing project. It’s not complete and probably won’t be for some time. We […]

Stinky Feet

A very important grooming item is hoof care. I have to admit that I have been very lax in this area. It’s supposed to be easy to do, but I tell you, I did it today and I’m beat. Here’s the deal: You have to convince your 1,000+ lb. (in my case, about 1,200 lbs.) […]