Horse Maintenance Schedule

Horse Maintenance Schedule


There are periodic tasks horse owners need to do that can’t be missed. Since we haven’t yet found a comprehensive list of these tasks, we’re making our own. Keep in mind a few things when viewing this page.

  1. This page is an ongoing project. It’s not complete and probably won’t be for some time. We keep finding new things to add.
  2. Not all horses are the same. Granted, many, if not most of these tasks will be true for all horses, there are some that may not be true for your situation due to differences in terrain, climate and breed.
  3. We’re not experts so take what we have written here with a grain of salt. Hopefully the site name “Our First Horse” implies our experience level. Do more research. If something we do doesn’t work for you, please don’t blame us. We’re just sharing what we’re learning. 🙂
  4. If you have a suggestion, PLEASE SUGGEST IT! We always appreciate help!
Also keep in mind that the more often you do these tasks (especially the daily ones), the easier they will be for you (and your horse). Doing these tasks on a regular basis will also make it more likely that you will recognize when something isn’t right, because you will know what things are supposed to look or feel like.

Daily (.5 – 1 hour)

      • Clean hooves (if thrush is a problem with your horse)
      • Check from nose to tail for injury, swelling, ticks, etc.
      • Brush
      • Apply anti-fly treatment (during warm months)
      • Clean stall
      • Rinse and refill water bucket
      • Fill hay trough
      • One scoop of sweet oats plus any on-feed treatments in feed bucket
      • Quick check for stall damage, wasp nests, etc.

Weekly (1-2 hours)

      • Thrush preventative (if thrush is a problem with your horse)
      • Wash, especially during summer
      • Wash water bucket with soap and water
      • Add replacement wood pellets to stall, if applicable


      • Tack maintenance – leather care, etc. (but check your tack every time you use it for fraying, rust, loose fittings or other problems)

Every Two Months

      • Change shoes, have feet trimmed
      • Dewormer


      • Vaccinations


      • Have teeth floated


    • Implement fly control system

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  1. can you add maybe like barrel racing patterns i keep looking for them everywhere but no one seems to have a lot. like i know the basic 3 leaf clover but i want to know others… oh and please use pictures with measurements if you do, do it..

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