Favorite Online Stores

Favorite Online Stores

Since we live in a small town, we do a lot of our shopping online (horse stuff and otherwise). Here are some of those stores, and why we like them.

Disclaimer: We are affiliates of some of these stores, so of course we’d like you to shop there! Have to pay for this hobby somehow! But we wouldn’t tell you to shop with someone we wouldn’t do business with ourselves. We’re not celebrities, after all.


A great place for books, video and more. For a few we’ve chosen, visit our Amazon.com store.

Visit the Jeffers Equine Super Store!:

I LOVE this store. This is the store I order from the most. They have a pretty large selection of products, including their own product line. They ship really quickly, and the one problem I had with them (see Light Rein Today) they fixed immediately.

Salem Saddlery:

This is a great all-around store. Great selection, decent prices, fun stuff too. I also think it’s one of the easier sites to navigate, to find stuff.

Go Tags:

This isn’t primarily a horse supply store, but I found it when I was looking for a stall plate (a name plate that goes on horse’s stall in the barn). They also have halter plates and a couple of other horse things – but mainly it’s a cat-and-dog store. Since we also have 3 dogs, a cat, a goat and a lizard, we thought we probably weren’t the only horse owners with other animals too.

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