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Notes specific to the operation of the website. If the website is going to be or was down or something is changes, we’ll put a note here.

Server blip

You may have noticed that our site was down for a few days. Servers need to be updated just like other computers. However, what was supposed to be a routine server update, turned into a full rebuild and restore. It’s not something we had time to do but that’s life. So we took the opportunity to upgrade and update other features to improve speed and security and I think we’re almost entirely back to normal. You may see something funky here and there but for the most part, everything should be here (thank goodness for backups!).

During this process, I came to realize that it’s been a few years since we updated the design, so Mikki and I will be working on a refresh soon.

Subscribers – we switched to a new subscription system so you’ll need to re-subscribe. We thought of moving everyone but many subscribers were just spammers so we felt it was best to start from scratch. Those who subscribe will receive an email when we post something, which is a great way to keep in touch since we haven’t been posting new entries very often.

Thanks for reading!

Server Move

New ServerIn response to a growing fan base and complaints about slow performance, we’ve upgraded our server hardware. We’re also taking the opportunity to upgrade our software and apply security patches. Upgrades like this take a little while so please bear with us for a few days. When we’re done, you should notice a considerable improvement in the speed and reliability of our site.

In addition to the site being occasionally offline, you may notice some of our images not loading or the design being off. Thanks for your patience!

10/23/10 Update: Posts, pages and comments are all restored and the site is functional, though a few pages that require special coding aren’t working just yet. And as you can tell, the design is a little different. I may use this as an opportunity to update the style but at the moment it’s kind of ugly. Expect some design changes over the coming days and feel free to make suggestions and offer constructive criticisms.

We’re also enabling some new features, such as post tagging and automatic mobile versions of the site when you view it on an iPhone, Blackberry, Windows 7 smart phone or other mobile device.  Starting with this post, we’re also bringing back representative images. The new software update made is considerably easier to add images to our posts and as long as we don’t overdo it, I think images add a lot.

What the heck just happened?

Computer ServersIf you stopped by in the last two days, or should I say tried to stop by, you probably noticed the site was down. To our surprise one of our dedicated servers was being moved to a new data center. To our further, albeit more unpleasant surprise, the data center had trouble getting it back online. Not sure how that can happen in this day and time but it appears someone finally figured it out and here we are.

Sorry for the downtime! In the two years we’ve had the site, nothing like that has ever happened. I’d like to take this opportunity to make a note of something though. Barring some unforeseen disaster, we have every intention of continuing this website. If, however, we decide to end the site, we won’t just pull the plug. We’d make a note and then let it die slowly. So if you come here and the site’s not working suddenly, it’s almost assuredly a technical problem of some kind. Please check back later.

Thanks to those of you who got in contact with us to make sure everything was okay!

Note: Picture above is from Flickr user Digital:Slurp