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Our first horse show – preparation

Our first horse show – preparation

Although we’ve been to lots of horse shows over the years, today marks the first day we’re participating in an event class. Specifically, I’m running Romeo in the barrels. Here I am the morning of the event, nervous and realizing I wish I had spent more time practicing. But I promised myself I’d do this and I know it will be good experience for me and Romeo. He is experienced so he mostly knows what to do. It’s a matter of me being able to give him the right cues at the right times.

Having never been to a show as a participant, I’m amazed at what goes into preparation. If you’re a regular participant, you already know this but you can’t really just load and go. That’s especially true for the first show of the season. There’s tack to clean, a horse to clean, making sure…well, let me make a list:

  • Check horse trailer for wasp nest. (I almost learn this the hard way last year)
  • Check tires on horse trailer for proper inflation and dry rot/wear
  • Clean tack (watch for wasps!)
  • Assemble grooming kit for show grooming
  • Locate Coggins papers (can’t trailer without them)
  • Find my bumper spurs (and straps)
  • Run through a list of all tack needed and load into tack trunk
  • Charge camera batteries and remember to bring them
  • Get cash for entry fee, class fees and concession stand (we’ll be there a long time)
  • Load hay and a bring water bucket
  • Bring lawn chairs (sitting on the ground gets old)
  • Bring umbrella (chance of rain today)
  • Optional but maybe bring a cooler and sodas

That list may not look bad but some of those things take time, like cleaning tack. I’m glad the show isn’t until 3 PM because I need some time to run through this list.

Did I forget anything?