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Favorite Nap Spot

Favorite Nap Spot

Our horses don’t lay down very often but when they do it’s usually right where you see Moonshine in this picture. It’s a spot on top of the biggest hill, on the side of the hill that dries the quickest. It’s a little hard to see from this picture but she’s on the edge of the hill. I’ve seen her and our other horses get up from this spot. What makes it unique is that they can roll to one side and then roll hard back toward the downslope and get up easily, thanks to gravity. This is a favorite rolling spot for Romeo, presumably for the same reason. Horses are pretty smart.

Moonshine laying down
Moonshine resting on a hill. Isn’t she beautiful?

Do you see your horse(s) rolling or napping on a hilly spot that makes it easier to get up?

A Public Apology to My Horse

A Public Apology to My Horse

Something has been weighing on my conscience. I have unjustly accused my horse of clumsiness several times. Okay, the accusations weren’t all unjustified, but one of them was – when I hinted that he had fallen on his side and been plastered with mud. The truth is…he did it on purpose. I know this because our black horses often come back from the pasture as brown horses:

My horse

I also know this because we’ve seen them doing it, and it’s hysterical!

Horses rolling

Maybe horses are a little bit like big dogs!

Okay, I feel better now. Sorry, Valentine.