No romantic ear nibbling after stall cleaning

Romance and HorsesOur routine for cleaning horse stalls has Mikki and I both heading up to the horse barn together. Not only does the work go faster than if just one of us did it, but it also provides good company during an otherwise monotonous barn task. Before we know it, the manure dust has cleared and we’re headed back down to the house. One day we’re headed back in and we realized how different life is for us now. We think nothing of emptying hay from our pockets and socks (how does it get there?), scraping manure from our boots and shaking manure dust from our hair. And this reminds me how quickly a romantic playful mood can change when somebody gets the idea to nibble on the ear of the other. That manure dust from your hair? Yeah, well it kinda settles on the ears until you wash your head. Neck, too. Oh, and no finger nibbling before washing your hands. And guys, if you’re listening, if you just nibbled on her horse poo dust covered ear, kissing her before brushing your teeth or at least rinsing with Listerine is not recommended. Unless, of course, she’s a farmy kinda girl and doesn’t mind horse manure dust seasoning. Hey, don’t knock until you’ve tried it, right?

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