Horses have a belly button!

I don’t know why this surprises me. All mammals have a belly button, after all. But it doesn’t show as prominently on furry mammals. I was talking with someone recently about belly buttons and somehow horses came up. A little research revealed that horse belly buttons are sort-of where ours are located. On both male and female horses, their belly button is three to four inches in front of their genitalia. Valentine has an “outy/outie”, making it much easier to see, while Moonshine has an “inny/innie”. I risked my very life to bring you this picture of Valentine’s belly button so I hope you appreciate it.

Horse Belly Button
Cute, isn’t it? Not unlike a human belly button, except for size and furry-ness. I have not been around any horse births so I have to ask, do foals need those belly button clips we put on baby humans when their umbilical cord is cut?

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