And You Thought Victoria’s Secret Was Racy

And You Thought Victoria’s Secret Was Racy

Valentine's Secret

So I was perusing a horse products catalog because there is just a ton of stuff we need. We’ve been getting things a little bit at a time since we got Valentine. Some of it I know we need, and some of it I’m sure “real” horse people would laugh at. I’ve gotten various grooming supplies, and both Valentine and I enjoy the grooming sessions. I just ordered a bridle/halter/reins combo; but, alas, we don’t have a saddle yet. Soon, I hope.

Here are some things in the catalog that I won’t be ordering:

Surgical supplies. Should you really be performing your own equine surgery? Really?

Breeding hobbles. Okay, yes, my horse is a gelding so this doesn’t apply to him at all – but is it really fair to hobble a mare so she can’t get away? Doesn’t she have any say in this at all? What if she doesn’t like his cologne? Maybe they don’t have anything in common. Maybe she just wants to get to know him better. Maybe she’s just not that kind of girl.

Sheath cleaner. If you have to clean your gelding’s sheath to be a horse person, I guess I never will be, because I can’t see a day coming where I’d be okay with cleaning his sheath. And Bill has flatly refused to have anything to do with another guy’s sheath.

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