How The Kid feels about Valentine

How The Kid feels about Valentine

The Kid looking towards the pasture

I’m a little bit afraid of my mom’s horse Valentine because he keeps staring at me, but mostly because he’s big, fast and his legs are strong. I might like to have my own horse if it’s small and obedient (a little weak). I’d like my horse to be gray or black. I’d like to pet him and ride him around but I wouldn’t want him to jump, stand up on his hind legs or think that he’s the boss.

Things I like about Valentine: he’s shiny, smooth, black and he’s calm. When he’s in his stall he doesn’t try to grab my shirt or anything. I’ve fed him carrots and some hay that was spread out on the ground for him to eat. I also did that with the horse named Blaze that we used to have in our barn. I might ride Valentine but I might be reluctant and a little afraid because I’ve never controlled a horse by myself.

I drew a horse picture that I’ll show later.

The Kid is a man of few words sometimes…Bill

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