Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is Coming!

Horse Christmas GiftsBut why wait? Bill found a really great site and he made the mistake of sending me the link. It’s called Cafe Press and they have a really neat concept. You find a design you like (they have over 23,500 designs for “horse lovers!”) and put it on a choice of items, such as T-shirts, hoodies, coffee cups, tote bags, calendars, journals, clocks, ornaments – dozens of choices that vary with the design you choose. Their prices are reasonable and the designs are just great. Some are beautiful, some are funky, some are witty. I like the witty ones myself, such as “I do my own stunts” with a cartoon silhouette of a rider thrown from his horse (see below). These were also my favorites, although I certainly haven’t viewed all 23,500 – yet:

“All I Need to Know In Life I Learned from My Horse” (you have to read that one)

“If this shirt is clean I haven’t been to the barn yet”

“Horses are only afraid of two things – things that move, and things that don’t.”

“Thank you for flying Air Amateur…” (you have to read that one too!)

“I’m being raised in a barn” (for kids, of course – or not)

And my personal favorite (click for products with this image):

Horse Gift Ideas

Good advice, there!

And here is Bill’s favorite (click for products with this image):

Bill: “I have been there! It’s funny because it’s true. I’ll write about my stunt incident sometime soon.”

What’s your favorite? Happy shopping!

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