Christmas Gifts for Our Youngest Horse Fan

Christmas Gifts for Our Youngest Horse Fan

It still hasn’t really sunk in, but we are grandparents – even though the little guy is two years old now. His daddy was a car fanatic when he was a kid, but suddenly he has become horse crazy. They have neighbors who have horses, and he and Jordan spend a lot of time there. Apparently, Jordan loves horses even more than his daddy! I’m really happy about this, and can’t wait to have them all come visit and see our horses (they still live in Arizona). In the meantime, though, it sure made Christmas shopping for Jordan easy this year!

Jordan got cowboy boots for his birthday this year, so I thought, all he needs is a hat! Unfortunately, as I’ve probably mentioned, we live in the middle of nowhere. So I had to put my trust in Google. There are a lot of kids’ hats out there, but not so many for toddlers. After what seemed like hours of searching, I hit the baby cowboy motherlode. It’s a little site called Small in the Saddle. Not only did I find a hat, I found a NICE hat. It came in the mail today, and it is nicer than I could have hoped. Hopefully it will fit him for a while:

Cowboy hat

They have more than hats, though. They have clothes and toys and accessories and all kinds of stuff! I had to really control myself because after all, Jordan’s mom & dad might want a gift too. But I did find a nice tactile book:

Touch and feel ponies book

And this adorable shirt:

Little Cowboy Shirt

Shhh…don’t tell Jordan!

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