Review – Energizer 6 LED Headlamp

Review – Energizer 6 LED Headlamp

Energizer 6 LED Head lightPart of our evening routine is for Mikki and I to feed the goats, clean horse stalls and feed our horses. Ever since daylight savings time ended in early November, its been dark while we’re doing this so we’ve had to bring out a flashlight. The barn has pretty good light and we’re going to expand our lighting system someday but for now Moonshine’s stall requires supplemental lighting so I can see to scoop. Until last month I had been using a portable fluorescent light that came with a Craftsmen tool set. It works really well for the most part and with a 19.2 volt power pack, it does last a long time. However, I found myself stepping in front of the light often which defeated the purpose. Then I got the idea to try this headband light I bought for camping and working on my Jeep. It’s an LED light that’s attached to a head band so you can use it hands-free. By strapping it to your head, the light follows wherever you look, which is just perfect for stall cleaning at night. This particular model, the Energizer 6 LED Headlamp, has 4 light modes but I really only use the first one, which powers only two LEDs through a magnifier to produce remarkable amount of light for such a little thing. Three AAA batteries are supposed to keep it running for 50 hours. I’m still on the original batteries after a month so that seems pretty economical. Oh and the light tilts down at the base so you can easily adjust it to shine wherever you want. The only downside is how it looks on your head. We’ve kind of taken to calling it my “geek light” because it makes me look (more) geeky. Because it uses multiple lights, you will find yourself looking less like a coal miner and more light a robot with this on. But it does the job. And the horses don’t mind it either.

So where do you get this? Aha! You knew there was a catch with this recommendation, right? Actually there isn’t. Just go to Walmart. I think I paid $10 for it. No affiliate links and this isn’t a sponsored review. I just really like the product and want to recommend it for nighttime horse duties.

Energizer LED Headlight packaging

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