The downside of horse leasing

The downside of horse leasing

Colorful clueA few posts ago (Should you buy a horse?), I recommended leasing a horse as a great way to figure out whether or not you should buy one. I still think horse leasing is a great idea but today I read about a downside that needs to be considered. Mona over at Horse Approved (EDIT: link removed since it is no longer valid] passed on the story of a 14 year old girl named Sarah in North Carolina who is trying to find an old friend. Her parents leased a mare named Colorful Clue for her as a Christmas present a few years ago, intending to purchase the horse if Sarah proved she would be responsible for it. Unfortunately, the actual owner of the horse fell ill with cancer and wanted the sell it for more than Sarah’s parents were able to pay. Eventually Colorful Clue went to auction and Sarah’s parents lost the opportunity to purchase her by only $50. Now, two years later, Sarah is trying to track down Colorful Clue. She says her budget is higher now but even if she couldn’t purchase the horse, she’d at least like to know how she’s doing.

I must admit, although I’ve only owned Moonshine for 8 months, I’m completely attached. It makes sense to me that one of the biggest dangers of leasing a horse is becoming attached to one you would not be able to keep long-term. Keep that in mind as you consider whether or not horse leasing is an option for you.

If you can help Sarah find Colorful Clue, please visit her page. [EDIT: link removed because the page appears to no longer be valid]

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