Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Horse this Weekend

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Horse this Weekend

Horse as Christmas present

We can all sit around and talk about all the research you should do before buying a horse, but you and I know that’s not how it usually happens. Somebody wants a horse desperately and you see an ad in the paper and whammo, you’re shoveling horse poo 24 hours later. Sure, fancy horse people (nothing against them, mind you) buy horses like wine aficionados buy wine, but the rest of us buy on looks. “Oh, look at that pretty horse, honey!” So here’s a top-ten list of reasons to justify going out and buying that pretty horse you’ve been dreaming about…this weekend:

  1. If you’re a married woman, your husband owes you big for something. Now’s your turn to cash in! If need be, remind him of how sad it made you when he bought that laser-guided compound miter saw he failed to mention. It’s all about communication, after all.
  2. Housing prices are going up and everything is getting more expensive with inflation, so horse prices must be going up too! Buy now before prices go up!
  3. As Willie Nelson pointed out, thousands of unwanted horses are being slaughtered every year. You need to rescue one right away.
  4. Similar to reason 1, your husband has been itching to build something. It’s probably just an excuse to buy more tools, but give him reason to buy into this whole horse thing. You’ll need a barn and a fence and a run-in shed…
  5. It’s a great excuse to buy a one-ton dually 4×4. You’ll need it to pull a horse trailer.
  6. It’s good for the kids. Horses help teach kids about responsibility and hard work. You do want what’s good for the kids, don’t you?
  7. You’re not getting any younger and the older you get, the more it hurts when you fall off a horse.
  8. All the cool kids have horses. Actually that’s not true. All the rich kids and the not-so-rich kids who are now poor kids because they bought a horse, have them. But owning a horse does raise your “cool” score a few points.
  9. Your healthcare savings account (HSA) expires December 31st. Use it or lose it!
  10. It’s Christmas! A horse would definitely qualify as that “one big present”.

Disclaimer: takes no responsibility for your impulse horse purchasing decision. 🙂

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