We want to show our horses

We want to show our horses

A friend invited us to a local horse show this weekend where her kids were competing. We are now fairly certain we want to show our horses. We’re not interested in the super fancy dress-up shows, not that there is anything wrong with that. But this local show was right up our alley. Come as you are, show what you’ve got. 43 classes, a few of which either had no participants or only one participant. Mikki is interested in the Walking Horse and gaited classes for Valentine and I’m interested in trying Moonshine out as a barrel racer. Again, local shows, small purse, light competition. But it sure looked like fun!

I know we have some work to do but Valentine is an ex-show horse, to begin with and has quite a striking appearance. Moonshine’s talent seems to be her ability to run like the wind. Our horse friend offered to cart our horses to some shows with them since we don’t have our own trailer. I need a helmet!

Yesterday Mikki and I worked with our very willing horses. We rode both of them some, practiced saddling, mounting and helping them stay focused despite distractions like kids on bicycles and dogs barking. I think that show was just the motivation we needed to get our horses (and us!) into shape.

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