Mystery Pasture Flat Spot

Mystery Pasture Flat Spot

We had rain yesterday in east Tennessee. When I went out to check the water bucket I noticed two shiny flat spots near the barn. I got a little closer to investigate and then went for my camera. I know what caused it. What’s your guess? I’ll edit the post later with some “evidence” and the answer.

Mystery pasture flat spot

Well, thanks for playing guys! Laura was the first to nail it…it took me a minute but I recalled a photo I took in about this same spot:

Rolling horse

And this is what our horses looked like:

Muddy horse

Rediculous…I mean look at this:

Redhead horse

She’s suddenly a redhead! Horses are so funny. I rarely see Valentine muddy but I think it’s pretty clear from the two distinct flat spots in the top picture that both horses rolled.

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