The Incredible Disappearing Horse

The Incredible Disappearing Horse

Okay, I admit it. I struggled with certain subjects in school, such as math and physics. But I’m pretty good at spatial relationships and figuring out what can fit where (I’m a mean packer – especially after 10 moves in 12 years – and I can fit more in a freezer than the average person can). But this one stumps me. Take a 16.2-hand, 1200-pound horse and put him in a 12×12 stall with a bucket of feed. Let him position himself in his favorite spot in the corner. Now standoff to the side of the window about a foot and say “Abracadabra!” (Okay, “abracadabra” is optional.) And ta-da! No horse! It’s amazing!

Do you see him?

I don’t know why he has to hide to eat, but there you have it.

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