Have You Been Wondering Where We Are?

Have You Been Wondering Where We Are?

Where is everybodyI hope so! We had to leave town for a while, because our covers were blown…no, not really. Well, we did leave town, but it was to attend a friend’s wedding in Phoenix. We stayed with our kids in the southeast part of town, and all the rest of the family & friends were on the west side of town, so we spent a lot of time in the car. We haven’t been able to spring for the satellite internet service that goes with you wherever (despite the Kid’s pleading), so our internet access was a little scarce.

Anyway…so after a week away, ignoring you all again, we got home to find out we had no site. Network problems, again, apparently. Bill thinks they’re trying to get rid of us because we are grandfathered in to a sweet hosting deal. I have to admit, it sounds suspicious.

But for now, we’re up and running again (knock on wood). All our critters were fine when we got back. The weather here is awful, especially compared to Phoenix, where it’s spring already. We are really looking forward to spring here! We have lots of fun horse-related things planned (and some horse-related projects, too). Our next big adventure, we think, is to go ahead and buy the horse across the street (Champ). We’ll keep you posted on that.

In the meantime, please accept our apologies and those of our hosting company (if they are indeed sorry). We’ll try to get this issued resolved one way or another, and start posting more often.

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