Moonshine gets hit by a car

Moonshine gets hit by a car

I don’t have all the details yet but Mikki called a little while ago to tell me Moonshine was tied up at the trainer’s barn and suddenly went berserk, bucking continually all the way down his long driveway and into the road where she met a car. No one was hurt and it appears Moonshine sustained only minor injuries. The car, apparently, was no so fortunate. I’m told the impact dented a door and broke a window.

Obviously this raises several concerns and questions:

  • Is Moonshine really OK? Time will tell.
  • Why did she suddenly go nuts, bucking down a half mile driveway? Is she safe to ride? Was she stung by a bee or something?
  • Who is responsible for the damage to the car?

We have LOTS of other things to write about but obviously this gets the most attention first.

More when I get more info.

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