A scary colic story

A scary colic story

I don’t remember who said it but someone once said that horses are large animals that spend their entire lives trying to kill themselves. And it’s amazing how easy it is. Frequent Our First Horse reader Laura wrote on her blog recently about a scary colic incident with her horse Little Horse (LH for short). She just had a good day of riding and returned to the barn. Soon after, her horse began acting strangely including kicking her own gut. Fortunately, Laura knew this was a sign of colic. Her story ends well but the thought occurred to me that she was quite lucky to have seen these signs before she left the barn. If she had missed them or didn’t know what they meant, LH could have died that night. Check out the story on Laura’s blog (the colic post was 5/18/08 and is titled ” A scary Friday night with LH”).

Laura is pretty seriously into horses. She even took a cattle-herding class this week. That’s pretty hardcore cowboy stuff. I’m not quite ready for that but it’s fun to read about her adventure.

Rolling Horse

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