Music for Horse Lovers

Music for Horse Lovers

Hoofbeats, Heartbeats & WingsI was searching the Internet a while back for something, and I came across an artist y’all will really enjoy. Her name is Mary Ann Kennedy, and she’s right here in Tennessee. She is a horse person like we want to be horse people – she lives and breathes horses. And she writes music about horses – good music. They aren’t the kind of songs you listen to and think, “That’s pretty, but what does it mean?” These songs celebrate the relationship between humans and horses in a very real way – some are funny (“Cleanin’ Stalls”); some are poignant (“Horses in Heaven”); all are true to life. Our current favorite is “Green on Green.” It pretty much describes Bill’s relationship to Moonshine:

“Green on green makes black and blue
I wouldn’t ride that horse if I were you…
Today you might get off scot free
But chances are eventually
He’ll go up and you’ll come down
That’s when you’ll understand this song…”

Yep, a green horse and a green rider, bad combination! We also like “Jack Russell” – we have 3 of those little monsters. There’s also “Hayin’ Time,” “Horsin’ Around,” and a beautiful song called “Fireflies” that makes me want to go riding in the dark this summer.

Those songs are from her CD “Hoofbeats, Heartbeats and Wings” from 2005. She just came out with a new CD: “The Rhythm of the Ride.”

We just got it, but there are some great songs on it too. The title song is great, and I really like “Heart in Your Hands” – it’s a great reminder of the responsibility that goes along with loving our four-legged friends.

If you have a CD player in your barn, there’s nothing better to listen to while grooming your horses, taking care of your tack or, yes, cleanin’ stalls.

Song samples in previous versions of this post were used with permission

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