New Farm Animals

New Farm Animals

It’s almost spring and we have some new animals to celebrate around here. Our kittens are getting bigger and are about ready for mousing duties. We caught one eating a small bird. Mikki pointed out that without barn cats we’d probably end up with barn snakes so cats it is.

We acquired a new goat when a goat momma in the area decided she wanted nothing to do with this little furball. The owners were going to kill the poor baby goat so Mikki rescued it and agreed to take on the responsibility of bottle feeding it for many weeks. She is pretty cute (and the goat, too). She doesn’t walk – she hops around, frolicking and prancing like a…well…like a kid.

Moonshine saw Maizy and had a cow (haha). So we let them sniff each other. Neither was impressed.

I don’t know where she gets all of the energy but it sure is fun watching her frolic.

Any new animals around your farm this year?

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