All the Pretty Horses

All the Pretty Horses

“All the pretty horses come running to her. Even the dust devils pray, they’ll catch her eye.” This is one line from the lyrics of a song called “Green and Dumb” by Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. The song is based on the hit movie and best selling novel (author Cormac McCarthy) by the same name. We find ourselves being drawn to songs about horses and the horse or cowboy lifestyle and this has always been one of our favorites.

Thanks to the magic of the Internet, you can hear the full song below.
Update: sorry – had to pull the song sample since the company that provided it,, is no longer operational. You can hear the full song in this music video on YouTube:

Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers is one of our favorite bands. Their songs remind us of our southwestern heritage and the romanticized cowboy borderlands in Arizona.

As a horse-person, do you find yourself collecting songs about horses, too? If so, what are your favorites? Have you heard the song above before now?

We have a few other favorites I’ll bring up in later posts.

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