OFH (Our First Horse) on Twitter

OFH (Our First Horse) on Twitter

Twitter LogoIn addition to being on Facebook, Our First Horse is now posting updates on Twitter. Both Twitter and Facebook are great tools for getting quick updates. Detailed posts and pictures and videos about our horses will still be shown first right here on OurFirstHorse.com while quick musings and anecdotes about our crazy first time horse owner life will be posted on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll update all sites when something new is posted on the Our First Horse blog, of course.

To follow Our First Horse on Twitter, visit http://twitter.com/OurFirstHorse and choose “Follow.” We’ll see that you’ve done that and if you Tweet about horse things too, we’ll follow you back. That link will live over there on the sidebar so it’ll be easy to find.

Also, we’re working on a new website. Time flies and the other day I realized this design has been up for more than three years. That’s pretty stale in internet terms so behind the scenes we’re working on a new design. When we get past the alpha stage, we’ll open it up for you to see in beta form before making it live. We’d love to hear your comments.

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