Lots of snakes this year

Lots of snakes this year

So far this year we’ve seen three snakes, which is more than we’ve seen in 10 years of living in east Tennessee. One I noticed in the grass near the barn. After that I resolved to cut the grass weekly to make it easier to see what’s in the grass. That was nothing compared with the next sighting. One night while preparing to get in bed, I found a large (4-5 foot) rat snake trying to also get into our bed. We removed it and did an intense search for access points, sealing a few small but plausible entry points. Then this past weekend we noticed a copperhead in the road in front of the barn. This one we killed, which was especially good because she was carrying future copperheads. In speaking with friends and neighbors, it seems this is a big year for snakes in our area, not just around our place. Have you seen more snakes this year?

No picture, mostly because I don’t want to see a snake every time I come here and I figured that was true for you also.

8 thoughts on “Lots of snakes this year

  1. More snakes? Absolutely… I was in the swimming pool on a float the other day and a baby rat snake decided to cozy up to me on my float… needless to say, I was outta that pool like a streak of lightning!!! Lol

  2. Thankfully I have not seen any snakes around here, although DH and I saw a huge rat go loping across the yard awhile back (totally freaked me out ;o) Pretty sure, however, that was nothing compared to seeing a snake by the BED. That definitely would have pushed me over the edge into psycho queen territory. *laugh*

  3. Where are you located in east TN? We are just across the Georgia line near Copperhill and I haven’t noticed many snakes at all, but it could be because we have crazy cats that will stalk anything that moves.

  4. We’re not too far from Copperhill. Just brought home a new barn kitty last night to help with snake duties. If it’s between cats and snakes, I’ll choose cats any day.

  5. We have hade a lot of snakes in the summer. Me and my brother would have to go feed our chickens together because there were snakes in the egg boxes almost every time we got the eggs. The worst thang is, is that chickens and snakes don’t mix we’ll.

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