Too Much Information Can Be Bad for You

The Internet is both a curse and a blessing. Since I got Valentine, I have spent literally hours trying to get as much information on horses as I can. I joined several sites with forums, and I think they are great – real people talking about real horses with real-life answers to questions they have. It’s also reassuring to know that even experienced horse owners are perplexed sometimes. But if you go to “expert” sites – and I’m not suggesting you don’t – you’ll end up completely paranoid! After reading about all the bad things that can happen to horses, I’m afraid to leave Valentine alone! He could eat sand and get colic; fall in his stall and not be able to get up; trip in the pasture and break a leg; eat some poisonous weed; be bitten by a mosquito and get horse flu (I’m not making that up); eat possum poo and get myoencephalitis (not making that up either); or do almost anything at all and end up lame. It’s like having a half-ton toddler that can run 30 mph. What have I gotten myself into?

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