Disabled Rider Horse Saddles

Disabled Rider Horse Saddles

Handicapped saddleI’ve never really given much thought to it but there are probably a lot of people out there who would love to be able to ride a horse but can’t due to a disability. Today I came across an article on Grit.com about a saddle maker that crafts horse saddles for special needs or handicapped riders. From kids to disabled veterans, I’m sure the right saddle could be a dream come true to those who thought they would otherwise never be able to ride a horse. If you know of anybody in this situation, perhaps these links could be useful:

Horse Saddles for Disabled Riders article on Grit.com

Handicap saddles by Grays Custom Saddlery in Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas.
Tel: 870-670-4800

3 thoughts on “Disabled Rider Horse Saddles

  1. Do you know anyone that can make horse saddles for older people, like around the age of 60 and older. that would love to ride again. but think that they can’t. I am a health aid for older people. and was just asking about it.

  2. The saddle you have pictured is exactly what we have been seeking for our son with CP however, as it is with most needs-adapted equipment, it is cost prohibitive for the average family. With his miniature horse it took 3 people to let him ride; we finally sold it in frustration and I am just going to “double” him with me until he gets too big to manage. btw he is 7.

  3. We are looking for a adapted saddle for a 7 year old
    With a back and sides. Can you contact me to get this started we’d like to get him to his horse class in June. Thanks!

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