Disabled Rider Horse Saddles

Handicapped saddleI’ve never really given much thought to it but there are probably a lot of people out there who would love to be able to ride a horse but can’t due to a disability. Today I came across an article on Grit.com about a saddle maker that crafts horse saddles for special needs or handicapped riders. From kids to disabled veterans, I’m sure the right saddle could be a dream come true to those who thought they would otherwise never be able to ride a horse. If you know of anybody in this situation, perhaps these links could be useful:

Horse Saddles for Disabled Riders article on Grit.com

Handicap saddles by Grays Custom Saddlery in Horseshoe Bend, Arkansas.
Tel: 870-670-4800

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2 Responses to Disabled Rider Horse Saddles

  1. Pamela Mihaly says:

    Do you know anyone that can make horse saddles for older people, like around the age of 60 and older. that would love to ride again. but think that they can’t. I am a health aid for older people. and was just asking about it.

  2. Sherri says:

    The saddle you have pictured is exactly what we have been seeking for our son with CP however, as it is with most needs-adapted equipment, it is cost prohibitive for the average family. With his miniature horse it took 3 people to let him ride; we finally sold it in frustration and I am just going to “double” him with me until he gets too big to manage. btw he is 7.

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